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About Us

Why our name Anáhuac?

The world known by the Aztecs before the Spaniards came to America was named ANAHUAC. The word ANAHUAC has a meaning like “located between waters”. We could say that ANAHUAC is the Pre-Columbian name of AMERICA, this continent. Also the name has additional meanings, including “center”, “world”, and “city”, but it also means “capital”.

But there is another historical meaning for  ANAHUAC:  Established in the 1830s by the Mexican Government as the capital of Texas, Anahuac (pronounced “anna-WHACK”) is one of the oldest settlements in Texas. It was at Fort Anahuac that Texans first rose up in opposition to the Mexican Government, a resistance which culminated in the Texans winning their freedom from Mexico in 1836” (taken from Anahuac.us)

We are a family owned company doing business since 1960.

We are located in Central Mexico and all our strawberries have been grown using state of the art technology and  natural farming techniques in each of our own fields.  We offer:

  • Strawberries  (Fresh and Frozen)
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Berry Mix
  • Mangoes
  • Honey Dew Melon
  • Other Tropical Fruits

As  natural farmers and processors:

  • We minimize the  use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and soil fumigants.
  • We don’t use genetic engineering (Not GMOs).
  • We don’t use sewage sludge as fertilizer.
  • We do improve the quality and fertility of the soil.
  • We do protect water quality.
  • We do grow cover crops to reduce soil erosion.
  • We use natural techniques and biological systems for pest and weed control.
  • We grow following the  Integrated Pest Management Principles.
  • We use only potable water from our own wells for irrigation.
  • We grow using State of the Art Farming Techniques:
      • Drip Irrigation: no wet soils, no mug.
      • Plastic Mulch to Cover Soils: our berries never touch the soil. The strawberries are produced above ground under this technique.
      • Plastic Hoop Tunnels to minimize risk for hail, frost and rain damages.

Before we start our harvest, a 3rd party  USDA accredited certifier inspects our farms where the berries are grown to make sure that we are following all the rules necessary to meet USDA and EPA standards and following the GMPs practices.

Our Processing Plants before  gets the frozen organic berries to your local supermarket or restaurant must be certified and inspected.

Our Facilities follow the FSMA law

Our Facilities are inspected and certified  under the USDA (NOP) specs.

Our Fields are Global GAP certified.