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All our frozen strawberries have been processed and packed in accordance with GMPs and meeting USDA and FDA specifications.

This product is Available for: Retail, Food-service and Manufacturers.

Origin: Grown and Processed  in Mexico.

Type Pack: Whole Strawberries

Size: 7/8 up to 1 1/4 inches (diameter) Whole Strawberries with Sugar Added

Packing:Whole Strawberries are mixed with Dry Sugar (Ratio 4: 1) Product is named Wholes 4+1

Also can be packed Straight Pack (No Sugar Added )

Retail: Containers with 12 oz

Food-Service: Packed in 6 / 6 lbs Plastic Tubs in Master Carton Case

Also Packed in Plastic Pails with 30 Lbs

Industrial Manufacturers: Metal Drums with 425 lbs